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Trolley Kit (Plug & Play)

This motor & Controller designed to Carry load and shift it to another locations.

 It is made for material handling process, where heavy materials like 300kg-500kg load has to move or shift to one location from other location inside the plant or area.

Motor Specifications

  • Working Voltage : 24V
  • Rated Power : 250W
  • Shaft Type : Hollow shaft ( Customer can put any shaft according to their requirements. )
  • Rated Speed : 15RPM & 30RPM
  • Rated Torque : 112 N.M 
  • Based motor RPM : 3700RPM (For Regular speed)  & 7200 RPM (For High speed)
  • No load current : 4.0A
  • Rated Current : 14.8A
  • Motor efficiency : 76%
  • Insulation class : E
  • Gear Reduction Ratio :  246:1
  • Shaft hollow : 25mm
  • Protect Grade : IP33
  • Weight : 6 kg

Controller Overview


·         Two Motor Channel

·         Compatible Input: 3.3 to 5V

·         Operating Voltage: 7 to 35VDC

·         Peak Current (A):80

·         Continuous Current (A):30

·         Operating Modes: RC Servo Signal

·         LEDs Indicator



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